Smart City & Future Commerce Convention 2017

Setia Alam Convention Centre, Selangor, Malaysia

7 – 9 September 2017


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Exploring Digital Urban & Future Commerce

This convention places equal emphasis on Smart City solutions and issues, as well as on the various facets of SEA Digital Commerce, such as Fintech, Smart Commerce, Smart Logistics, Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology, among others.

Smart City & Future Commerce Convention Trailer feat

Mediaurban’s Maria Sisternas


A global event like no other, the Smart City & Future Commerce Convention 2017 is set to be Asia’s hottest Smart City event in years to come!
Not content at being ‘just another Smart City event’, we’re going full force to co-curate and co-organise the region’s most unique and biggest smart and digital event ever to explore the impact of the confluence of the digital world, future commerce and urban living, and how smart & digital advances are transforming cities, communities, and individuals around the globe. Set to be a mega 3-day event, we will feature keynotes by top leadership personalities who are some of the best in their industries, on top of all-star panel sessions with CXOs and thought leaders in both Smart City and Future Commerce. 

We’re shaking things up by putting our money where our mouth is — and co-hosting one of Southeast Asia’s biggest 48-hour smart city hackathons ever.
The prestigious Malaysia’s Top E-Commerce Merchant Awards (TopECM) makes a comeback this year as we commemorate innovation, competition and excellence amongst local Malaysian digital commerce companies. And throughout all three days, there will be a massive exposition with 300 booths from service providers, vendors, tech giants, urban developers, and more from around the world and across Asia, right here in the heart of Selangor.

A hotbed of innovation, creativity and intelligence, Selangor and Barcelona are coming together with their best in digital and smart city features, with the purpose of exploring the future of urban living.

D I G I T A L  U R B A N  F U T U R E S

Platform for Knowledge Exchange & Problem Solving

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By bringing together experts and practitioners from leading cities and countries in the APAC, Middle Eastern, Eurasian, and European regions to share their insights and experiences over a three-day convention, organisers Invest Selangor Bhd and Mediaurban are set to find the common grounds of knowledge and expertise from which to develop an innovative framework for future commerce as well as smart and digital technologies.
Participants would also indirectly aid in helping citizens, governments, and companies to understand that Public Private Partnerships play an important role in transforming a city, as well as have a voice in addressing the critical issues that will determine the success or failure of commerce

Target Audience Demographic


All three days will see a packed itinerary of keynotes, panel sessions, fireside chats and group discussion sessions for global thinkers and practitioners. The first two days will focus on Smart Cities and Tech, whereas the final day will be devoted to Future Commerce in the region and beyond.

Time/ Day 1 Track 1: Smart City
1200 – 1300 Registration
1300 – 1310 Welcome Speech: Dr Fahmi  Ngah, Deputy Director of the Smart Selangor Delivery Unit (SSDU)

Towards 2020: The Progress of Smart Selangor
Dr Fahmi Ngah is the CEO of the Office of Selangor Economic Advisor and Deputy Programme Director of the Smart Selangor Delivery Unit (SSDU) of the State Government of Selangor. Under his direction, the SSDU has engineered several smart strategies within 12 smart domains in order to attain a better quality of living for Selangor citizens, and will be sharing more about Selangor’s journey, the approach taken, challenges faced and what lies ahead for the Golden State.
1310 – 1325 Special Keynote Speech Smart City Opportunities Under The One Belt One Road Initiative
1325 – 1340 Opening Speech: Antoni Vives,  CEO of the City Transformation Agency of Barcelona

The Metamorphoses of Smart Cities: Of Barcelona and Selangor
As the former Deputy Mayor of Barcelona, Antoni Vives spearheaded the team that was crucial in the transformation of Barcelona into a Smart City. Now, he continues his calling as the CEO of the City Transformation Agency of Barcelona, and will be speaking about the changes, both past and future, that are integral for Smart City advancement in Barcelona as well as Selangor.
1340 – 1440 Panel Session Contemporary Development Strategies In People-Centric Smart Cities

Smart Cities aren’t just exercises in the pursuit of technological advancement – it is people, not merely technologies, at the core of this impetus. Cities must develop around their people, in order to see to their needs. Every city is different, but there are always certain common phenomena that many cities share. This section explores these threads of commonality, and how they relate to the betterment of their citizens, and explores novel ways governments and councils of these cities can smartly overcome these obstacles. Moderated by Maria Sisternas, CEO of Mediaurban, this panel session will feature key Smart City leaders from Shenzen, Netherlands, and India.

1440 – 1455 Group Discussion Q & A Session
1455 – 1510 Tea Break & Networking
1510 – 1610 Panel Session The Future of Smart Urban — Perspectives from Asia and the Middle East

Before the advent of Smart urban technologies, the world functioned on what is now known as legacy infrastructures. This has thus far resulted in various challenges and opportunities for cities of tomorrow – and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. What does the future of Smart urban hold, and how will cities and governments innovate to rise to these challenges? We explore this section from Asian and Middle Eastern perspectives, and how they have and continue to deal, with related issues within their unique regional, political, and urban contexts. This moderated session will feature key governmental and private sector leaders in Smart Cities from Taiwan, Indonesia, Cyberjaya, Dubai and Qatar.

1610 – 1625 Group Discussion Q & A Session
1625 – 1725 Panel Session Evolving Digital Trends in Smart Technologies — Global Giants Weigh In

As city solutions and smart cities further embrace digitalisation, the race is on to figure out sustainable and intelligent infrastructure, as digitalisation has shown just how much it ties into the smart city approach. These global giants will be showcasing their experiences in digitalising cities from around the world, with solutions that range from cloud computing, rail automation, rainwater harvesting, green buildings, solar power, and fully digitalised infrastructure, buildings, and governance.

1725 – 1740 Group Discussion Q & A Session
 Time/ Day 1 Track 2: Green City Forum
1420 – 1430 Welcome Speech: Green City Forum

Towards Zero Waste and Zero Plastic Cities

By Y.B. Elizabeth Wong, Selangor Executive Council Member Of Tourism, Consumer Affairs, And Environment

1430 – 1450 Keynote Speech

Towards Zero Waste Cities In Malaysia

Some of the most crucially important sustainable development goals of this century include finding ways to make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable. What are the key benefits of heading towards a zero waste goal for a city? This keynote address explores the pragmatism, challenges and potential of the ideal of zero waste cities in Malaysia, especially taking into account the nuances of the socio-economic and consumerism climate here.

1450 – 1550 Panel Session

Pursuing Green Growth for Sustainability & Resilience
In light of a rapidly fluctuating economic reality with an increased demand for resources and rising impacts of climate change on the environment, the world is faced with ever evolving threats, risks and uncertainty. When threats become unpredictable, resilience may be the key to global sustainability. In this section, we explore the imminent threats economies, corporations and even cities face, and how their communities are employing greener growth and sustainability, as well as resilience strategies to mitigate and minimise threats to our future.

This moderated session will feature international and regional thought leaders from both corporate and public sector individuals.

1550 – 1610 Fireside Chat

Green Profit, Green Business

This fireside chat session will feature two key leaders from top eco-friendly global corporations who will share and answer queries on the importance and compatibility of green, sustainable and ethical business practices on profit and company growth in relation to the environment.

1610 – 1620 Tea Break & Networking
1620 – 1720 Panel Discussion

Enabling  Greener Urban Ecosystems — Green buildings & Low-carbon CommunitiesIn a world fraught with the threat of environmental disasters, and rapidly deteriorating climate change, how can city councils and governments work better with urban developers work to build and enable a greener urban ecosystem?

This moderated panel discussion session will feature key thought leaders from urban development corporations from Malaysia.

1720 – 1730 Closing Speech and Thank You
Time/ Day 2 Ballroom 1: Smart City Track
0830 – 0930 Registration + Coffee
0930 – 0950 Keynote Speech
Smart City Advancements in Recent Times

In this keynote session, a leading Director of an international think-tank will be delivering a keynote address highlighting the issue of Smart City advancements in recent times, its challenges and opportunities, and what lies ahead.

0950 – 1010 Tech Talk
The Development of IOT & Big Data in Malaysia

This tech talk will feature a key thought leader with expertise and experience in Data Science will share more about the development and advancement of the Internet-of-Things and the evolution of Big Data in Malaysia, as well as how governments can harness the innate power and possibilities afforded by such technological advancements for the betterment of the citizenry.

1010 – 1110 Panel Discussion
IOT and Smart cities

IoT and Big Data are two core concepts utilised in Smart City development, known as trusted tools of the trade. Industry experts will be speaking about the global trends, role and advancements within the IoT and Big Data spheres, and discussing insights and issues that affect the industries in their integration into Smart Cities and legacy ecosystems.

This moderated session will feature top leaders in the tech industries in Malaysia.

1110 – 1125 Group Discussion

Q & A Session

1115 – 1130 Tea Break & Networking
1130 – 1150 Keynote Speech
On Technoparks & Industrial 4.0

It seems like we’ve just gotten used to Industry 3.0 since its advent only a few years ago, and it’s evolving again.  Such is the nature of the Digital world. The crux of Industry 4.0, or, the fourth industrial revolution, focuses on the end-to-end digitisation of all physical assets and integration into digital ecosystems with value chain partners. At this point of time, no industrial company can quite afford to ignore the changes brought upon by Industry 4.0. How will technoparks of the future fit in Industry 4.0 and beyond, and how can they drive successful digital enterprises? This keynote will discuss global Industry 4.0 trends, its impact on manufacturing and the economy, paradigms of approach, and the possibilities of the next industrial revolution.

1150 – 1250 *Panel Session 
The Rise of Smart Communications
Communications are the bedrock of human civilisation and progression. This section explores how contemporary and sophisticated Smart communication channels and its advances have led to better communications over time, and how that trend is set to change and impact communities within the next century.
This moderated session will feature top leaders from Malaysian telco providers.

*This panel session is subject to changes

1250 – 1300 Group Discussion

Q & A Session

1300 – 1400 Lunch & Networking
1400 – 1420 Keynote Speech
Topic: TBC
1420 – 1520 Panel Discussion
The Future of Urban Mobility
In an increasingly globalised world, communities are rushing to catch up on the development game with their counterparts around the world, especially in developing countries, which are now quickly catching up to their ‘first world’ counterparts. With legacy mobility infrastructures in place for the longest time, how have cities adapted to their environment and community needs in order to ensure better mobility amongst their educated, urban communities? This section explores the challenges, opportunities, global trends and trajectory of the world of urban mobility.
This moderated session will feature top leadership from internationally and locally-renowned mobility corporations and companies.
Group Discussion

Q & A Session

1535 – 1635 Panel Discussion
City attractors – Smart Tourism & RetailAs developing countries progress, they bring with them an ever-growing middle class with better educational and income opportunities. Coupled with more inclusive and budget friendly-travel opportunities, the travel, tourism and retail industries in Asia has seen a boom in recent times, as more people in SEA and Asia are able to afford overseas travel and have better purchasing power than before. This section explores the socioeconomic impact of travel and tourism, attraction points of cities, and how Smart Tourism and Retail has been and will continue to evolve the global travel and retail landscape.
This moderated session will feature top leadership from internationally and regionally-renowned travel & tourism service providers.
1620 – 1635 Group Discussion

Q & A Session

1635 – 1645 Closing Speech and Thank You
1645 – 1745 Tea Break & Networking
Time/ Day 3 Future Commerce Track
0900 – 0910 Keynote Speech

How will the DFTZ shape the Malaysian e-Commerce landscape?

The landmark Digital Free Trade Zone initiative brings its own pros and cons. This keynote will share more about the DFTZ, and explore the risks, challenges and opportunities that local SMEs and players can expect, and the trends and impacts that will shape the Malaysian and regional e-Commerce landscape for the next 20 years.

0910 – 0930 Panel Discussion

Digital Free Trade Zone & Cross Border EC Opportunities

With a rapidly developing digital and e-commerce landscape in Malaysia, what exactly are the key impacts on logistics, cross-border and digital trade in Asia and neighbouring regions, and how fast can we expect Asia to continue on its trajectory to international success?

This moderated session will see top leadership from global and local digital economy, e-commerce and logistics companies, and will be followed by a Q & A session.

0920 – 1020 Keynote Speech

Fintech & E-Commerce in Asia

As current banking structures sit up to take notice of the technological disruption, we draw on the experience of Western and European nations and their relationships between e-Commerce and banking institutions. In this keynote speech, a top e-commerce thought leader from a globally-renowned digital company will explore contemporary issues in the nascent world of FinTech and  explore its impact on e-commerce in Asia, its unique cities, and the challenges and opportunities within FinTech.

1020 – 1120 Panel Discussion

Evolving Digital: Fintech & The Future of Payments

Today, we are facing a paradigm shift in the way consumers are spending and consuming, with clear trends and marked differences in digital consumerism and consumption. The movement of FinTech has proven disruptive to the banking institution, which has prospered and met its equilibrium over the past few decades – what changes lie ahead and how will financial institutions and governments deal with this? This section explores the impact of FinTech on traditional banking institutions and how Future payment systems will change the dynamism of the banking and financial ecosystem.

This moderated session will see top leadership from fintech and payment gateway companies from Asia and Southeast Asia, and will be followed by a Q & A session thereafter.

1120 – 1135 Break
1135 – 1235 Panel Discussion

Retail 4.0 & The Platform Economy

Digital companies such as Facebook, Netflix and Uber are increasingly creating massive online structures beyond mere platforms, in order to enable a wide range of human activity fuelled by digital consumption. Additionally, the application of big data, AI and cloud computing will permanently evolve the structure of these digital economies, which go beyond borders. This section explores how socio-political, business and social actions and choices will impact the growth of the platform economy and how exactly does Retail 4.0 fit into it.

This moderated session will see top leadership from international and regional digital companies and e-commerce platforms, and will be followed by a Q & A session thereafter.

1235 – 1335 Panel Discussion

Harmony and Discord: Growing Through A Disruptive Landscape

As organisations around the world continue with embracing the use of digital technology  to connect better with people, digital disruption is an expected, and frequently unwelcome phenomenon, especially in older and more traditional institutions of business. What core competencies and strategies can companies undertake to continue to grow and stay relevant in a time of platitudinal buzzwords like ‘innovation’ that do little to stave off the threat of failure and how can growth hacking fit into organisations’ strategic outlook and plans?

This moderated session will see top leadership from international digital and tech giants and will be followed by a Q & A session thereafter.

1335 – 1435 Lunch & Networking


Smart City x Future Commerce Convention 2017

Setia Alam Convention Centre, Selangor, Malaysia
7 - 9 September 2017


The exhibition is an international trade show covering over 5,700 sqm of exhibition space. A dynamic and experiential venue, visitors can access the latest innovation and advances in smart cities.





Vendors, suppliers, developers, and service providers are invited to exhibit and participate at the convention through product and solutions showcases. Local and international startups will feature prominently amongst the SMEs invited, and they will be able to take part in pitching and business matching sessions to meet potential international investors.

The exhibition will be divided into 4 main areas as below:


showcasing companies with new smart city solutions



for smart cities, regions and countries



for applications and smart city programmes



showcasing the SEA digital revolution by the digital commerce industry


(A) Pavillion Scheme

Size: 60 sqm, raw space
Price: USD 15,000 (RM 65,000)

(B) Bare Space Scheme

Size: 36 sqm, raw space
Price: USD 5,600 (RM 25,000)

(B) Shell Scheme

Size: 9 sqm, with Standard Booth Design
Price: USD 1,500 (RM 7,000)

Target Audience












For more than 15 years, Invest Selangor Berhad has been a beacon for investors from all across the world who wished to invest, and prosper, in Selangor. Invest Selangor Berhad is a one-stop agency that provides information, advisory services, as well as startup or expansion assistance to potential and existing investors. Since our inception, we have attracted more than 4,600 manufacturing projects in Selangor. Thus we have been indirectly responsible for the creation of more than 360,800 jobs and attracting more than RM130.7 billion worth of investments to the state.

The Selangor Information Technology and E-Commerce Council (SITEC) was established by the Selangor State Government, under the secretariat of Invest Selangor to develop Selangor as the regional trading hub for e-commerce, and to uplift the startup ecosystem. The SITEC Council is chaired by Selangor State Exco in charge of investments, Dato’ Teng Chang Khim.

Mediaurban is the urban content creation agency of the Mediapro Group, working with cities in the fields of Smart Cities, Urban Strategy, City Branding, and Digital Experience. We are tech advocates working to turn cities into digitally-powered hubs, boosting the local economy, creating jobs and designing vibrant urban environments.

MBI, a corporate body also known as “MBI Selangor”, was established to administer the assets and business activities which lies outside the state government’s jurisdiction. As a parent company, MBI oversees the operations of 12 wholly-owned subsidiaries, with core competencies ranging from construction/land development and management, education, tourism, mining and exploration, print media and printing, welfare programs, investment management consultancy, as well as golf and recreation club management.

Past Speakers @ Selangor Smart City International Conference 2016

Elia Hernando

Elia Hernando

Director of Smart Urban Projects, Mediaurban

Daniel Harkin

Daniel Harkin


Lin Chin-Rong

Lin Chin-Rong

Deputy Mayor, Taipei City Government

Deven Chhaya

Deven Chhaya

ASEAN Leader, Smarter Cities, IBM

Frans-Anton Vermanst

Frans-Anton Vermanst

Amsterdam Smart City

Dr. Abdul Memon

Dr. Abdul Memon

Director, Solution Marketing, Huawei

Dato’ Faris Yahaya

Dato’ Faris Yahaya


Tony Newling

Tony Newling

Senior Director, Government Public Sector Asia, Microsoft APAC

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